Ian Katz

BBC Newsight editor Ian Katz responded to some of the complainants on social media, defending the programme and saying the
If you are the one in the spotlight, whatever the topic, don't just be reactive - think hard about what you really want to get across, and do your best to anticipate any awkward questions, so you are not caught on the hop.
Ukip's Croydon carnival, which ended in carnage on Tuesday before Nigel Farage had even arrived, had a breakout star as the
How pathetic was I to feel so excited by seeing a young black man, whom I don't even know, on a high brow news programme? How depressing that in 2014 it's still a big deal; that we take to twitter to scream "there's a black person on", something our parents were doing 30 or 40 years ago. Why are we still doing it today?
The editor of Newsnight has acknowledged a rather awkward Twitter spat in the closing credits of the BBC show. Newsnight
Newsnight editor Ian Katz has repeated his apology to Labour frontbencher Rachel Reeves for calling her "boring", but has