Iain Duncan Smith's line in his Brexit speech today was that the European Union is a 'force for social injustice'. This might be a nice soundbite but it could not be more wrong... Iain Duncan Smith may present himself as an authority on social justice but his record in Government tells us otherwise.
Charities have rightly been arguing against specific benefit cuts on behalf of their members and their beneficiaries; drawing evidence from disabled people, carers and also from their own professional staff; and making the case for excluding some of the most vulnerable and poorest members of society from further cuts to their limited income.
Here's one cut the PM didn't expect...
David Cameron said on Friday he is "puzzled and disappointed" by the dramatic resignation of Iain Duncan Smith, who quit
Work and Pensions Secretary walks...
Iain Duncan Smith said on Friday he is resigning as Work and Pensions Secretary, complaining of pressure from the Treasury
This week's Child Poverty Strategy will set the course for the next three years - taking us halfway to the target date. There is no silver bullet for ending child poverty, and the strategy needs to work on a number of fronts.
Iain Duncan Smith has used the controversial show Benefits Street to justify his welfare cuts. In a speech branded "ridiculous
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