International student

Home secretary Priti Patel said the new policy showed the UK's "global outlook".
Cross-party move aims to end ‘freefall’ in overseas students coming to UK
This move is being discussed under proposals from a commission established by the PM
The record-breaking demonstration comes five months before the UK is due to leave the EU.
Young people raised and educated in the UK are being charged extortionate rates – or denied access to loans altogether
Toddling off to university can be a fairly daunting operation. Firstly, there's all of the preparation work to undergo... But the most important thing, above material preparation and developing friendships with fellow students, is sex.
My history professor came to class dressed in full 'Class of 1925' attire, all authentic and original. A true sight to behold, it showed just how seriously the Americans take the holiday, and that you're never too old for it!