International trade

Foreign secretary told staff that “restricting” trade because of human rights abuses would mean missing out on “growth markets”.
Rebels led by Iain Duncan Smith have failed to force the government to outlaw trade deals with countries committing atrocities.
Liz Truss has been discussing a post-Brexit free trade deal with her counterparts in Canberra.
Less trade will lead to reduced income from business rates, which could have a knock-on effect on the provision of essential services, a PwC report warns.
"Liam Fox needs to spend less time jetting round the world and more time at home, keeping his house in order."
Violations of basic legal rights, racism, sexism - do we really want to do business like this?
If you've been campaigning against TTIP and CETA get ready for JEFTA - the upcoming EU trade deal with Japan. But this time, there may be a twist as JEFTA could come without a secret tribunal for multinationals.
Britain will have a say on this, but it may be the very last time we can influence an EU trade deal. Whether we retain any powers in this respect after 2019 is entirely up to the Brexit deal and the choices made by the government.
Fairtrade Fortnight (27 February - 12 March) is a time to show solidarity with those around the world who grow some of the food and drink we consume every day. Just as Britain's farmers should be properly paid for their goods and hard work, most of us want to know that producers in poorer countries are getting a fair day's pay and trading conditions for their toil.
As a UK service exporter, I feel somewhat aggrieved. Overlooked and invisible. Despite the strong and strengthening performance of service sector exports, we are often perceived as the poor relation to manufacturers. Indeed the government usually refers to the service sector as 'invisible exports', quite apt when considering where the focus of current investment is placed.