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This national investigation uncovers how cash-strapped councils are selling off libraries, parks and community centres, and using the proceeds to fund job cuts.
Exclusive: Figures lead to fears 'digital-by-default’ system is impacting genuine claimants.
“The fact that Universal Credit is digital-by-default has made a really big assumption about the level of digital access amongst potential claimants."
National Education Union is now calling for the government to step in, after Ofsted "failed to act" on a number of troubling allegations.
33 of England's local authorities recorded zero rough sleepers last year – but council chiefs say the figures are inherently unreliable.
Demands for government to halt programme as its own data shows 'worryingly high' numbers drop off social security system
Council legal experts are currently figuring out how to reclaim the funds.
Eleven students have died at Bristol since 2016. Friends of Justin Cheng, who killed himself in January, share their story – and say more could have been done to help him.