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A whopping 62% of young voters voted for Corbyn and his party, with a 35% lean towards Labour among this age group compared
Throughout the election, Ipsos MORI has been talking to people right across the country - from Conservative voting Remainers in Bedford through to traditional Labour voters in Halifax. By talking - and, crucially, listening - to a diverse group of the public we have been able to identify some important trends which help unpick Thursday's shock result.
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And so to Bedford with Radio 4's Today Programme for the latest Election Takeaway. This week, Ipsos MORI convened a focus group of seven middle class Remain voters, moderated by Nick Robinson. Over Thai food, the discussion concentrated on the factors that these voters are weighing ahead of the General Election and how their previous opposition to Brexit will affect their choice on 8 June.
This week, Ipsos MORI convened a focus group of seven working class Leave voters in Halifax. Over a take away curry, moderated by the Today programme's Nick Robinson, the discussion shed light on the ways these voters perceive the current political climate. Footage of the group will be shown across BBC News this weekend. Three key points stood out from the discussion.
Corbyn currently has an approval rating of -33.
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There is a reason that we trust doctors so much. We take much greater interest in our health and when there is bad news we expect a doctor to be honest with us. Let us face it: a great many of us take the exact opposite position with our politicians. So we will continue to have the politicians that we deserve and our trust will continue to erode ever further. Sad isn't it?
Jeremy Corbyn suffered a significant knock today, as he became the first ever Labour Party leader to score a snap net negative