18/08/2016 08:00 BST | Updated 18/08/2016 10:11 BST

Jeremy Corbyn Lags Behind Theresa May Amongst Labour Voters, Says Ipos Mori Poll

Corbyn currently has an approval rating of -33.

Labour voters are more impressed with Theresa May than they are with their own leader, according to the latest poll from Ipsos Mori.

A total of 45% said they were “satisfied” with how the current PM is doing her job compared to 39% who said the same about Jeremy Corbyn.

While 29% of Labour voters were “dissatisfied” with May compared to 47% for Corbyn.

The prime minister continues to enjoy a honeymoon period amongst the general public with a net satisfaction rating of +35.

Corbyn currently has a score of -33.

Ipsos Mori
The Tories lead by 11% when asked about current voting intentions.

When asked how they would vote if a snap general election were called, 45% of voters would back the Tories compared to 34% for Labour.

Corbyn supporters poured scorn on the poll.

The news comes just a few days after a ComRes poll found Corbyn was as unpopular as Nigel Farage amongst the British electorate, giving both men a -28 net rating.

His leadership rival Owen Smith has a better rating among the public (-14) but performs worse than Corbyn (-8) among Labour voters.

May’s new prime minister poll “bounce” continued as she was named Britain’s most popular politician.

Corbyn went head-to-head with his leadership rival Smith on Wednesday during a live BBC debate.

While the Labour leader failed to identify Ant and Dec, his opponent came under fire for saying the West will “eventually” have to negotiate with Isis.

Corbyn has been doing his best to burnish his credentials as a man of the people: sitting for three hours on the floor of a packed commuter train, doing a little jig at a campaign event and letting a group of comedians mock him on The Last Leg.