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The survey was conducted before the party was engulfed in a "civil war" over Jeremy Corbyn's suspension.
The country's largest Covid-19 study, by Imperial College London and Ipsos MORI, found the virus has been doubling every 29 days.
Survey points to catastrophe for Labour and historic defeat.
We looked across 13 countries and over 50,000 interviews on 28 questions – asking people to guess at immigration levels, crime rates, teenage pregnancy, obesity levels and more
In 2017, we heard a lot about the challenges of an ageing population, with heated debates during the General Election campaign
Brits really don’t have as good an idea as they think about their country, new research has revealed. Interviews with almost
A major 'public interest' scoop? It hasn't been an easy few days for the UK's police service. The Sun led the way by publishing