Jenny Eclair

The combination of Louis Theroux and Love Island's Ovie Soko made many viewers very happy.
Even the former Tory PM's critics have lambasted the original article.
There's no doubt about it. In our 50s our bodies start PLAYING UP. Creaking knees, stiff hips, bad backs, prolapsed vaginas, it's all going on. So I wasn't entirely surprised when I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure.
So what were my finds of the Fringe this year? Reviewing for The List and sitting on the panel of the Amused Moose Laughter Award has highlighted plenty of acts I might not have seen otherwise.
As the Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme gets heavier every year, it gets harder and harder to choose who to see. Much
At last! TV's Jenny Eclair is here to answer all those questions we've been asking her on Twitter. (You don't remember asking