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The news that Islamic State (IS) had killed another hard-working, inspirational and beloved aid worker in a slick propaganda
Peter Kassig may have refused to make a propaganda statement condemning the West before he was murdered by an Islamic State
The family of an aid worker whose death is apparently shown in a new graphic video by Islamic State (IS) have appealed for
The British extremist responsible for the on-screen beheading of hostages has reportedly been identified, as MPs prepare
The video that shows the execution of US journalist Steven Sotloff features a second voice speaking in English, in addition
The British jihadi being blamed for beheading US journalist James Foley may not have been responsible as the video depicting
Boris Johnson has said he wants the reportedly British jihadist who beheaded American journalist James Foley to be killed
Security services have reportedly identified the British jihadi who butchered US journalist James Foley. The Sunday Times