Jon Ashworth

The Government's approach is chaotic, unstable, and totally unsustainable. If they can find a £1billion for the votes of the DUP then they ought to find the money needed to properly staff the NHS as well. This isn't just about doing what's right for the brilliant staff who are working so hard to keep the service going. It's about doing what's right for patients too. Every day that goes by more and more talented and hardworking people are leaving NHS professions because of the neglect of this Government.
The number of cancer patients waiting longer than they should for treatment has skyrocketed in the last five years, Labour
At the very heart of my ambition to make child health and wellbeing a national priority is my determination to drastically improve early years support for children and parents, and a national breastfeeding programme must be at the heart of this strategy.
It was Nelson Mandela who told us: "There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children." If that great man was right, then our country is in a great deal of difficulty. The state of children's health in the UK, and in England in particular, should be a matter for profound concern and concerted action. Sadly under Theresa May's government is isn't.
Labour is now “united” behind Jeremy Corbyn as leader, Jon Ashworth has said. The shadow health secretary was asked by BBC’s
The Government has created a workforce crisis in the NHS which is causing financial chaos for hospitals and causing misery for patients. We are 10,000 GPs, 3,500 midwives and now 40,000 nurses short of the number we need. Nurses are being forced to use foodbanks to make ends meet and NHS Providers say that staff are quitting the NHS to stack shelves instead. The Health Secretary says he has sympathy for underpaid health staff but sympathy won't put food on the table.
The latest fiasco in Theresa May's shocking mishandling of our NHS has been revealed. Leaked documents show that the number of people waiting more than four months for non-emergency surgery could double to a record peak of 5.5million by 2019. That's the equivalent of nearly one in ten people in England being stuck on waiting lists for treatments on our NHS. It's a disgraceful illustration of the Tories' complete failure to put patients first.