jonathan arnott

The real worry for every teacher though? Once the changes have finally come in, some bright spark in government might well decide to change the whole thing all over again. Politicians like changing things, you see. Sometimes though the best thing to do is leave everything well alone - and allow teachers sufficient time to become experts in what they're teaching.
Ukip MEP Jonathan Arnott has today quit the race to succeed Nigel Farage as party leader. The 35-year-old pulled out of the
We are no longer protesting the establishment but are fighting to become it. With the vision that Jonathan has we will be able to become an absolutely unstoppable force and not just a thorn in the side of a few Labour or Conservative elected representatives.
With that in mind, my approach to leadership will be very different to his: you can't out-Nigel Nigel. Any candidate who tries will fall flat on their face; they'll end up being measured by that yardstick. That is not to say I will be a cookie cutter, production line politician like many of those found currently on the benches at Westminster. Ukip's not like that and neither am I.
After Farage's resignation I was at a loss. Who would be the next leader of UKIP and who had the vision to take us forward as a political party? Steve Woolfe is great MEP and a stalwart of UKIP but do not appeal to me and with Suzanne Evan's leadership bid being blocked I had no idea who I saw as the leader of UKIP. There was nobody who was suspected to stand who I could put my utter faith in to take UKIP forward, rebrand and fight tooth and nail for Brexit.
We actually need a sensible, well thought out, considered response to the threat of terrorism. Sadly, that is impossible in the culture of intolerance caused by those who put political correctness above our national security.
The Conservatives' immigration policy is a disaster. But Cameron persists in using dehumanising language about immigrants. The government continues treating people who deserve to be allowed to stay in the UK like dirt. Do they seriously think the British people won't see through their squalid actions? Have they no shame?
We're living in a technology-driven world. Calculations can be done in an instant; you no longer even need to reach for your calculator. A tablet, ipad, laptop or mobile telephone will almost certainly have a calculator function - you're never far away from something that will help you to deal with basic arithmetic if you can't do it for yourself...
Given President Obama's recent suggestion that Britain must stay in the European Union, I've written an open letter wondering what it would be like if America had to be part of an EU-like structure...