Katy Perry

Including music videos from Miley Cyrus, Ed Sheeran and Billie Eilish.
"We were both married before, and it’s not the same in your 30s,” the Never Really Over singer said in a radio interview.
The pop stars put their feud to bed in June over cookies and cuddles, as per a very specific request from the Never Really Over singer.
The music video for Taylor's new single was released on Monday.
Taylor's new single slams how society often pits women against each other – and by ending her feud with Katy Perry, shows how no one woman needs to 'wear the crown'.
Including a long-awaited reunion with her old-pal-turned-nemesis Katy Perry.
The shoes, which resemble blackface caricatures, are no longer available on the store’s website.
Forbes has released its annual highest-paid women in music list. Katy Perry topped the list from her international tour sales and salary from American Idol. She’s followed closely by Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Pink and Lady Gaga.