Kensington and Chelsea

We speak with Gaby Doherty, a mother of four, about the impact of living directly across from Grenfell Tower
As the Grenfell tragedy unfolded, it was the faith-based groups who sprung into action in the vacuum of governmental cover. And it was the faith groups who have remained by the sides of residents and others affected by the tragedy. But what has it done to the faith to those who were helping? On the first anniversary, HuffPost UK spoke with those who helped to find out.
For the first time in 53 years, the Conservatives run the risk of losing the local council of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. Voting for the local elections is the first polling test since the Grenfell fire and many see it as a chance for the local communities to punish the local council for the slow response in June to the unfolding tragedy. HuffPost UK visited various parts of the borough across the socioeconomic divide of the north and south of the borough to see whether constituents felt that way.
Public heckle councillors as they agree money to assist them at investigation.
The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea sanctioned the cheap, flammable cladding at centre of fatal fire.
Grenfell campaigners launched an attack on the Chancellor for handing Kensington and Chelsea Council “regeneration” cash
'If trickle-down economics worked, we would not have four food banks in Kensington and Chelsea'.
People have been diagnosed with Victorian ailments including rickets and TB in one of the wealthiest parts of London, a shocking