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Was George Osborne's spending review drawn up with an eye on the forthcoming Holyrood election?
The Scottish Nationalist Party has maintained a huge gap over the Labour Party north of the border despite Jeremy Corbyn's
Labour will always put those on lower and middle incomes first. That's why we will restore the tax credits that families in Scotland lose, once the powers to do so are devolved... If the SNP do not vote for this motion to restore the money lost from tax credits it will confirm once and for all that the politics of grievance is more important to them than helping working families in Scotland.
Jeremy Cobyn backer Billy Bragg hopes Labour MPs sceptical about the party’s new leader are “squirming in their seats” at
Feminists in positions of power are what is needed rather than simply women in top political jobs, Scottish Labour’s new
I think most Scots who oppose Tory austerity will feel let down by the fact that Nicola and her SNP colleagues chose constitutional obsessing as their priority, at a time when they could have focused a genuine united front against the cuts. The reality is that they fear a Corbyn led Labour party and a party led by him as a real threat and so they should.
Scottish Labour's Kezia Dugdale has been elected to lead the party out of despair after its near wipeout in the general election
Our democracy, like every political system across the world, needs reform and will always need reform but before we throw the bathwater out, let's make doubly sure we've removed the baby first.
Calls for reform of the House of Lords have been heard even more loudly that normal in the last ten days and the reason is fairly obvious. The current set-up comes nowhere close to being right for the 21st Century.
Scottish Labour leadership hopeful Kezia Dugdale has called on the government to abolish Westminster's House of Lords, and