Kim Jong Un

The leaders of North and South Korea have signed an agreement to form a joint military committee, to denuclearise North Korea’s site, to stabilise the border and start a search for the bodies still to be found from the Korean War.
Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in have met for the third time this year.
It's all part of a historic push for peace.
With talks ongoing between Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-In, we look at the reasons why North and South Korea are still struggling to normalise relations - over 50 years after the Korean war.
The two countries will discuss denuclearisation.
'You’ve become [an] asset for a third-rate dictator. Congrats on that,' one person said.
Trump's record does not suggest that he’s a man who handles disappointment well
The U.S. president's seemingly ad hoc decision to end military exercises with ally South Korea evoked responses from scepticism to horror in political and military circles.
The actor cast the two leaders in a “Let’s Make A Deal” scenario that’s no game.
“Stay tuned to see if this winds up with friendship or the end of the world.”
It’s too soon to judge the president’s chaotic attempt at North Korea diplomacy as a failure.
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are like, ‘You might want to slow down a little bit guys.’
If this latest initiative can be made to work, not only will we all be the winners and the world a safer place, but the peoples of Korea will finally be able to draw a line under almost seven decades of conflict
'There is a very important local [South Korean] election tomorrow – the summit will have a major impact on the outcome of the election.'