Animal campaigners say koala numbers have fallen so low that the animal is "functionally extinct’’. Deforestation, heatwaves and wildfires triggered by climate change are causing a change in their habitat leading to a steep decline in their numbers.
"You know, I mean, what's wrong with society? Just makes you feel sick in the guts."
At this rate, koalas could be extinct by 2040.
Police who stopped a motorist in Queensland discovered she was carrying some special cargo with her. Namely this baby koala
It’s January, its cold, it’s crud. So here’s a koala cuddling a stuffed bear. This is Raymond, a young koala who was nursed
If this picture doesn't get your bottom lip quivvering, you're made of sterner stuff than us. It shows a confused koala atop
Now, here's something you don't see every day! A party of canoeists on Australia's Gold Coast took on board an unexpected
Koalas are not well-known for their get-up-and-go, but Yabbra here is a little bit different. After his 22-hour daily snooze