Leona Lewis

The Christmas season is truly upon us. Starbucks have broken out their red cups, John Lewis are reducing everyone to quivering
The end of the ‘X Factor’ live shows means many things. It means Christmas is just weeks away *gulp*. It means the sight
Photo: Ricky Mangala "Loneliness has been described as, more than just the feeling of being alone, and wishing you had someone
Australian singer-songwriter Cody Simpson has donated his Twitter account to a Syrian refugee to highlight the extraordinary
Leona Lewis has revealed that she decided to leave Simon Cowell’s record label, after he tried to get her to record an album
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It sounds like Leona Lewis is pulling no punches on her new album when it comes to former mentor Simon Cowell. SEE MORE: Simon
Leona Lewis Addressing the darker moments she’s been through in the past year, Leona writes: “At some points I felt extremely
One Direction managed to outshine the tennis players at Wimbledon on Thursday, bringing the tournament to a standstill as
What song gives you the tingles? Sends you into a romantic daydream even when you're hoovering? Those clever folk at Spotify