lib dem spring conference

'The fool's errand has resulted in hate crime on our streets.'
The ten thing you need to know on Monday 11 March 2013... 1) FOX ATTACK 10 days till the Budget - and the Tory right isn't
I spent this weekend at a rock festival in Butlins. Odd, I know, but probably less so than spending it in Gateshead at Lib Dem spring conference.
Liberal Democrat activists have defied their party's leadership by refusing to back the controversial NHS Reform Bill at
Liberal Democrats will vote on Sunday on proposals calling for the party to back controversial health reforms after a rebel
Vince Cable will warn on Saturday that a lack of lending by banks could negate positive developments being made elsewhere
Nick Clegg said he wants to go after millionaires who dodge levies on their wealth by introducing a "tycoon tax". The Deputy
Nick Clegg told Liberal Democrats to "stop looking back" and start "shouting our achievements from the rooftops" in a speech
Nick Clegg and the President of the Lib Dems Tim Farron will open the party's spring conference on Friday, urging the party