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As post-by-election spin goes, saying everything is ok because at least your coalition partners won, is pretty bold. The
Is it actually even possible to beat the Lib Dems in a by-election? The incumbent resigned and faces jail, the party's national
In my daily blog last May, I posted a peice which was headed: Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne and the Convent-Raised Comedian
The former Lib Dem defence minister who lost his job in the recent reshuffle has admitted the party was "naive" in how it
BRIGHTON - While it would be "spineless" to walk away from the coalition before the 2015 general election, Liberal Democrats
Oh! we do like to be beside the seaside we do like to be beside the sea! we do like to stroll upon the Prom, Prom, Prom! Where
Nick Clegg today warned eurosceptics against gloating over the state of the eurozone as Greece struggled to break the deadlock
Voters will have to brave wet weather across much of Britain as they arrive at polling stations for today's local elections
George Osborne is facing a mounting backlash over his £1 billion "granny tax" raid on the incomes of millions of pensioners
At the Leveson Enquiry this week, Richard Desmond told the barrister cross-examining him that he didn't know the meaning of the word 'ethical'.