It's easy to hate white liberals. I am one, and at times I struggle not to hate myself. My occasional bout of self-loathing
Philip Hammond is having a gloomy day. For the past month he's hardly been out of his office. He's been pacing up and down
The threat of the echo chamber is something of a recurring theme at Social Media Week London. In a session on social news
For some, the word 'religion' is synonymous with gender inequality, homophobia and superstition. These associations are not
I write this because I am scared we are forgetting our humanity. Last night, someone called me asking for my support as they were being admitted to hospital. I did not think I should stay in bed and protect my assets.
There was once a time when to be liberal meant to be tolerant of other people's views and behaviours - to allow them even
She is freely espousing racist beliefs that black people can have one thing which white people are, in no way, allowed to enjoy or emulate, but what if the situation was the reverse? ... Why is it acceptable for members of ethnic minority groups to do it to poor old whitey?
What are the alternatives for dissatisfied Lib Lefties who want to express their politics through party membership? They could rejoin the ghost of the SDP, no really they still exist, or choose principled powerlessness again, and join the authoritarian Greens. Perhaps the hardest to stomach would be joining Labour.
Now that the Australian election is done, and before we ignore politics for another three years, let's have a quick think about what a vote for Liberal or Labor really means.
The anti-intervention left and right have totally given up on the idea of the most powerful countries in the world being able to have any positive effect upon the world at large. In addition the anti-war movement claims to be on the side of peace, as if we occupy a world created by Disney, where the world is a simple choice between peace and war.