A couple in their 70s were arrested after drugs were found hidden in four suitcases.
Off the coast of Cascais, a resort town near Lisbon, archaeologists have found a 400-year-old shipwreck. It contains a wealth of well-preserved cargo, including spices from India, ceramics from China and even cannons.
A hero sportsman has told how he helped keep a crowd of angry beachgoers from attacking two people whose light plane crash
Two sunbathers have been killed after a light plane made an emergency landing on a beach near Lisbon. The Associated Press
2017 has been dubbed the year of sustainable tourism and development by the UN's World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). No longer a quirky aside or limited to the odd off-grid eco-lodge, going green when going abroad is where it's at.
Might as well call this the new Iceland.
Sissel Hansen, a Danish entrepreneur, launched Startup Guide to Berlin as a hobby project whilst living in the German capital