In a world that will tell you at every available opportunity that you are not enough, (not sexy enough; not intelligent enough
The funny thing is people often tell me I'm brave for moving to a different country on my own. But I don't feel brave. Being so trapped within myself robs me of any courage I might have had otherwise. I know that ultimately I'm the only one with the key to release myself... and what a liberating day it will be when I do.
When you’re having a down day, you can normally trust your family to give you that boost of self-confidence. But not for
We all carry in us a critical voice, which can give a running commentary full of frightening self doubt, shame, crushing condemnation and dissatisfaction. A voice, which has high standards and can never be pleased, is always on guard, which anticipates failure and humiliation.
We've been subliminally taught to hate so many things about ourselves it's sickening. Unless we fit into a very narrow mould of what we're "supposed" to look like, we feel this unrelenting need to apologise for it. Why? What would happen if we gave it all a defiant middle finger and stopped buying into these constructed norms of what's beautiful?
I don't tend to talk about my own self-esteem issues often, if at all. I don't know if I'm the best person to give advice about it but I had this idea and I thought maybe if I could help one person, it would be worth it. Let's get started with things not to say.
During my life I have discovered that emotional abuse came from several directions. It came from my first husband who, for years, told me that I was not clever, no use at ironing his shirts, not like his mother, not good enough to be part of his family..... and so on, and on he went.
‎It is not the self-portrait that's the problem it's the intention behind it. When we are little we make funny faces in front of the camera and are uninhibited in every way. Hormones hit and we feel the crushing weight of spots, braces, bad hair and glasses, not to mention all the stuff that's going on inside. It is not surprising that they have to fake it to feel pretty enough.
A lot of research vexing about body image seems to be getting air time. Some findings have revealed that more men are worrying about their appearance from 'man boobs to tums' - http://bit.ly/z1EtUT- but the tax payer has also funded some contra revelations: 'until young girls get more esteem we won't have any female doctors for the future' with the additional back up fact that women no longer need to be judged on puffy criteria http://ind.pn/Hah3X2