Luxury goods

To cite Oscar Wilde, too many of us know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. Thankfully, transparency is now determining price tags much more than before and consumers will vote with their purses. Economics of scale state that it's the global companies who have the most capacity to foster systemic change, so let's hope that 'luxury' leads the way.
Is exclusivity really worth it? We unpack what luxe means in 2017.
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The substance behind the style of our Prime Minister is beginning to reveal itself. But she should turn to the luxury goods sector for more than her kitten heels. As within the stitch-work is woven national salvation.
Peer-to-peer lending is a booming market in the UK. According to the Peer 2 Peer Finance Association, cumulative lending
The discussion that ensued prompted me to write this note, partly - to summarise my thoughts on why the term "affordable luxury" is an oxymoron crafted by people with a profound lack of understanding as to what "luxury" really means.
The iPhone is a truly revolutionary product that's in the hands of millions of people -- and that's precisely the problem
Spend, spend, spend: London's retailers were rubbing their hands together in anticipation at the start of October, and not because of any early pre-Christmas splurge from UK shoppers. The glimmer in their eyes was down to an influx of thousands of Chinese tourists, who see London as one of the bona fide luxury centres of the world...
Pressures on our wallets has led to 22% of shoppers knowingly buying fake fashion goods, forcing genuine luxury retailers
Singapore-based Melvyn Teillol-Foo, founder of PuristSPro, a reference website for watch lovers in Asia, collects with and for his wife and speaks fondly of the first double purchase they ever made - the Omega Constella-tion 5125.