The UK Prime Minister speaks at a press conference on imposing the new lockdown restrictions on Greater Manchester, after talks earlier today collapsed without agreement.
Prime minister spoke to Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham after the deadline for negotiations passed at midday.
The Greater Manchester mayor has nailed his colours to the mast in opposing harsher measures. Here's what his constituents think.
Downing Street hits back at Andy Burnham's suggestion that Boris Johnson was "exaggerating" the seriousness of Covid in the city,
One doctor hit out at "Covid deniers" who have "no idea what's actually happening right now on the ground".
Mayor rejects suggestion the number of cases is doubling every nine days.
City region mayor Andy Burnham has accused the PM of treating the north like a "sacrificial lamb".
Five MPs warn Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak that ordering hospitality to shut will drive gatherings “underground” and have a “devastating” economic impact.
Andy Burnham said "millions of lives" are being "affected by Whitehall diktat".
One barrister has said he was "dubious to say the least" about the possible legal basis of the student lockdown.