It seems extraordinary that concert venues and theatres have no obligation to take advice on reducing the risk of a terrorist attack and take sensible precautions, Lord Toby Harris writes.
Andy Burnham described the incident as 'deeply distressing'.
Among those injured are a 19-year-old woman and a man in his 50s. A man in his 40s has been arrested.
Prime minister confirms plans for customs checks on Ireland in speech to Conservative party conference.
Commons People decamps to the pub with Politics and investigations editor at the Manchester Evening News, Jennifer Williams and Rob Ford, politics professor at Manchester University, as the Conservatives conference continues under a cloud of accusations against Boris Johnson. But are they winning friends in the region?
"No. Disposable. Cups," aide says while snatching the prime minister's coffee, in a valiant attempt to avoid a PR disaster.
Commons leader says the Conservative conference fringe event was cancelled by "malevolent lefties" at the Mechanics Institute - the birthplace of the TUC.
Sam Smith told demonstrators he was going to report them to the "anti-democracy police", before Manchester officers intervened and he ended up paying them for the flags.
A similar banner was strung up in Salford during the last Conservative conference in Manchester in 2017.
Peckham in London and Ancoats in Manchester both made the list.