Ray Mears has called for more discipline in schools, saying Britain has lost its manners. The TV presenter and wilderness
I have been snubbed. At least, I think I have been. A few months ago, I tweeted that I was having two friends over for dinner
Whether one is dining in the restaurant car of the Wagon-Lit carriages of the Orient Express, or simply going round for a casual, round the kitchen table supper with friends, one should make an effort and not carelessly abandon one's sense of occasion.
To reduce the chance of these appalling scenes happening again we need to wake up and start making sure our younger generations know that they are NOT in charge yet - and until that day comes they can just be quiet.
The only type of barbecue I can just about tolerate is a sit-down with cutlery affair. If there's proper napkins to hand then all the better. Barbecues where you have to stand up and wolf a hot dog or chicken kebab down are ghastly affairs. I like food and wish to enjoy it at leisure.
So where did your friends stand on the mother-in-law from hell (MILFH) email? I'm a teacher (no I'm not about to whinge), merely
Napkins are glorious and those who shun them are on a very slippery slope, as far as I am concerned.
Coming from a country where people are generally a bit more chatty (no blarney stone references please), I've found it odd not saying hello to people when I enter a shop, though I am now accustomed to the ensuing look of panic if I smile at someone on the tube.