Super Mario Kart (SNES) is out now for the Wii U Virtual Console for £5.49. Reviews are not objective. So let's get this
What would happen if Mario took on Pacman in the first level of Super Mario Bros? In reality, nothing much - Mario exists
A Mario doorbell? That rings with the sound of Mario collecting coins? That has a counter? And plays the '1UP' sound effect
Off the back of extremely disappointing Wii U sales, declining profits and cratering share price, Nintendo's president has
Super Mario 3D World is released on 29 November for the Wii U. Key Features: Four playable characters, each with different
'Mario & Sonic: Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games' is out for Wii U on 8 November. Key Features: Lots of Nintendo and Sega
What would it look like if you had 974 people play the same level of Super Mario Bros against the clock - and then overlaid
Grand Theft Auto 5 launches in but a few days offering everything from a game of golf to deep see exploration with a lot of killing in-between. This reviewer also suspects a few casual nods will be given to that TV phenomena Breaking Bad, and I for one can't wait to run my own meth lab... Again.
Nintendo has declared 2013 the 'year of Luigi' - which really just means that Luigi's Mansion 2 and Super Luigi U came out
Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros. walks the tightrope between core and family gamers with finely tuned game-play and accessible controls. Although, as the family testing the game suggested, the amount of reading rules out pre-school gamers (even with its PEGI 3 rating), other family members will enjoy the story and progression.