Martin McGuinness

So now B-day has come - and yes, I am naming it as such phonetically, after the French contraption that blows water up one's arse. Here's my prediction for what will happen...
Perhaps if this was discussed more in the public eye, the Northern Irish peace process could move on to a stronger sense of everyone's aspirations being equal. That way too, mistakes of the past are less likely to happen again.
The Daily Mail and The Sun have been accused of only caring about sales as the papers opt for two very different depictions
Peace is too often thought of as the easy option, but it takes bravery to 'wage peace'.
BELFAST (Reuters) - Martin McGuinness, a former Irish Republican Army commander and deputy first minister of Northern Ireland
From 'number one terrorist' to pioneer of power-sharing.
Reaction to the death of Northern Ireland’s former deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has reflected his controversial
He'd been suffering from a rare heart condition.
The five things you need to know on Tuesday, March 21… 1) LABOUR PAIN. AGAIN Many Labour MPs critical of Jeremy Corbyn have