Mary Katrantzou

Katranzou's Spring/Summer 2017 collection is loud in more ways than one.
“Created for the runway, custom made gianvito rossi heels are styled with each look” 3. The initial clutches. The designer
It is easy to lose track during Fashion Week, so here is our LFW breakdown. From the soundtrack to the sandals, this is London Fashion Week in a nutshell...
Digital print Queen Katrantzou's beautiful collage-like designs are perfectly fused with Heck's mesmerising paint over-like photography, as colourful patterns expand into an abstract and other-wordly realm.
So you can all sigh with relief-- you won't have to endure seeing my photographs daily on my blog.
The exhibition covered fashion, industrial design, technology and architecture. One non-fashion exhibit that caught my eye was an app that replaced my and my friends' faces with much older ones. The app followed our faces creating a virtual mask and mimicking our exact facial movements.
There's no feeling quite like loving what you have chosen to wear that day. Equally, there's no other feeling quite like hating it and spending all day dreading seeing anyone you know in the lift. This fear is made worse in the elevators of our busy office where not only is everyone dressed impeccably, but half the space is a mirror. It's like the building is attempting to embarrass you further. Spiteful thing.
This week I've done a bit of celebrating for a certain milestone birthday. A while ago I started thinking about the best way to celebrate said birthday...dinner at my favourite restaurant, drinks at a London bar, a themed birthday party. It got me thinking. If I was to organise a fantasy dinner party with my favourite people from the world of fashion...who would I invite?
January Jones joined the steadily growing celebrity fanbase of London based designer (and MyDaily contributing editor) Mary
Oh we do love a new designer-charity initiative (who doesn't love a spot of conscience-easing feel-good fashion?) and this