Call of Duty. Madden. Hitman. Sometimes it seems as though it’s impossible to find a video game that doesn’t rely heavily
Minecraft's terrible blocky graphics are... sort of the point of Minecraft. But what if things were different? What if instead
Amazon may well be too big to fail when it comes to sending stuff to your house in boxes. But it's also fighting harder every
It's the fate of every parent to be subjected to the latest childhood craze: one generation's friendship bracelet is the next generation's loom band. But what I see now isn't just another collectable bit of coloured plastic; it's far more interesting than that.
A man has built an entire city in Minecraft on the Xbox 360. It took him two years to finish and is now available to download
Someone has built a 'working' iPhone in Minecraft, complete with apps, a music player, a homescreen and more. Surely it can
Microsoft has confirmed that it will be buying the developer behind the hugely popular game Minecraft, Mojang, for $2.5bn
Microsoft is reportedly on the verge of buying Mojang AB, the company that developed the worldwide phenomenon Minecraft. READ
Minecraft is amazing - and the people who play it are also incredible. In fact it seems almost as though there anything that
I connected to YouTube on a new device recently, so a device without the vast user history Google likes to collect. I noticed at the top of the screen were the top 5 'Most Popular Right Now' videos for the UK. What struck me was that 4 out of 5 were video games. The only non video game offering was a Beyoncé video in second place.