Missing people

A new law, the Guardianship (Missing Persons) Act, has come into force in England and Wales. The rule will enable the families of missing loved ones to gain control of the missing person’s finances, something which was previously only possible if the person was declared dead under the 2013 Presumption of Death Act. The law is named after missing chef Claudia Lawrence, who is yet to be found since her disappearance in 2009.
A worshipper from her church is on trial for her murder.
She was last seen in Glasgow.
Linda Millard was last seen in Portishead.
Up to 600 people a year are found dead after going missing - the most common cause being suicide
Police are 'optimistic' of finding Ben after a new tip-off.
A tragic mystery could finally come to an end today as a dig begins on the Greek Island of Kos in an attempt to find Ben
When you were a baby, as all mothers do, I would count how old you were in days, and then I counted in weeks, months and then finally years. I felt when you went missing it went full circle, I would count how many days you'd been gone, then weeks, then months and years, now it's a decade.
Detectives say they are "increasingly concerned" about the wellbeing of a schoolgirl missing for the past 11 days. Jade Lynch