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The British driver shares how transitioning in the world of racing gave her confidence on the tracks.
In 2012 racing driver Charlie Martin transitioned to live as female full time, documenting the gender reassignment on her youtube channel and gaining 1000,000’s of views for some of her videos. Since transitioning Charlie has found new confidence in her racing and some of the best results of her career competing in faster and faster cars around Europe, a sharp contrast to having a nervous breakdown and on the verge of suicide before deciding to transition. Now a Stonewall Sports Champion and finding confidence living as a women Charlie is raising transgendered awareness in motorsports with initiatives like at Silverstone for PRIDE at the British GT Championship.
When I returned to the sport after my transition, walking back into the paddock for the first time was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.
The Goodwood Revival has become one of the biggest historic motorsport events in the world, staged at the spiritual home of British motor racing and attended by sell-out crowds in period dress. The three-day festival takes a step back in time, celebrating the heyday of racing and recapturing the romance and glamour of a bygone age.
Nicki Shields spends a lot of her time around cars. The presenter has brought the latest from the pit-lane to ITV, Sky Sports
all women everywhere It's time to think bigger - the best entertainment always needs the mix of male and female - can you really host a great party with mainly just men attending? There are huge opportunities for women in motorsport, we just need to raise awareness, change perceptions and open the door to the female talent ready to take their place in the paddock.
In the lead up to the first race weekend of the year there is lots of prep work to do; engineering meetings in Germany with the race team, simulator training and physical training to make sure we are set for the first six-hour race of the year...
Pic Credit: Author's own We spent a lot of our time in the DS Virgin Racing pits, which felt like being on the film set of
The sport is governed by technical regulations which try to keep some form of parity between constructors who enter the sport. The problem is that with such small differences in technical and mechanical advancement, it costs many hundreds of million pounds to find that extra half-a-second of performance.