National service

My plea to everyone who sees the value in a 'national service option' for UK is to stop wishing for some vague concept of former glory and get involved in shaping the recommendations of this review by responding to its call for evidence and pushing the Government to act following the release of its recommendations.
It would 'save young people falling into lives dominated by fecklessness, drugs, crime and violence.'
National service should be brought back for out-of-work youngsters, a former Tory party chairman has claimed as he attacked
As you yourself have found, service offers a common meeting ground. It can be a great equalizer that's not interested in social divisions and it has the potential to make everyone who's willing to take part great. But not everyone has an interest in becoming a soldier or the military.
Today's teenagers are the most ambitious in a century, but also the most concerned that the current economic crisis will
This is the cry we have heard from the mouths of our old folk, usually when 'the youth of today' have enraged them. However, hold your scorn at the title, more than ever there are strong and compelling reasons to consider bringing back National Service. It might be a solution to a number of our social problems...
Government, the private, public and voluntary sectors are taking some big strides towards making social action a normal part of growing up in Britain. We have the opportunity to broaden that ambition to also make youth unemployment unheard of.
The Tory MP who has proposed a bill to reintroduce National Service has said he hopes people sign a petitionagainst it so
A petition opposing a bill to reintroduce compulsory national service has been signed by over 30,000 people. The proposed
We need to ensure the young population are secure in a renewed sense of national identity, saved from the ill effects of marginalisation and apathy. It is not all about getting young, unemployed and disaffected young people out of a life that is spiralling into worthlessness, more a different approach to other schemes that, quite frankly, do very little.