Near miss

This incredible image shows how wheels snapped off a plane as it landed at East Midlands Airport. The plane skidded 370ft
Incredible footage has emerged from Taiwan showing a cyclist involved in a lucky escape with a speeding car. A woman is seen
Leaving the handbrake off when parking your Mustang convertible? Not that impressive. Running after it, leaping into it and
You know that thing in movies where a biker slides underneath a lorry (or train, or other large vehicle) in order to avoid
In which Fail Army pulls together clips of near misses, and makes us a) thankful that we're alive and b) want to take a bit
I get the feeling that he's typing one-handed, so decide now's as good a time as any to go into silent mode. He gives it one final go. "I shaved today," he says. I see the email has an attachment: a photo, which I open. Yes, he's shaved all right. Everywhere. Instead of a smooth chin or chest, I see gleaming genitalia - Spam-pink with sensitivity and not a hair to be seen...
Meanwhile, in Ukraine... Yes, your latest Jaw-Dropping Video From A Former Soviet State comes from Kiev - where 'taking the
There are close calls, then there are seriously close calls. This is definitely a one of the latter, showing a air-headed
An Australian man has narrowly avoided being hit by a train by the smallest of margins while attempting to run across the