Neil Gaiman

The bestselling author recently travelled more than 11,000 miles to his home in Skye.
Fantasy author Neil Gaiman shared John Westwood's post, resulting in hundreds of orders at a shop that hadn't sold a single book all day.
"I run into parents who read Stardust and said ‘How can you let a child read this, when it starts with a hardcore porn scene?'"
The star-studded drama will be out in a matter of weeks – and we cannot wait.
Bestselling author Neil Gaiman retells the story of being left at Liverpool Street as a child, for a special Life Less Ordinary collaboration between HuffPost UK and The Moth
She stars as an alien in 1970s England alongside Alex Sharp and Nicole Kidman.
‘American Gods’ fans, it’s finally time: Amazon Prime’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel is almost here. As of Monday (1
Ricky Whittle is just one of the many British stars who’s swapped soaps for Hollywood, and ‘Hollyoaks’ fans will be delighted
Can you be depressed and funny? Thomas Ridgewell, known better as TomSka over on YouTube, made a video some days ago explaining that he had been diagnosed with depression. And yet he's funny (seriously, very funny). Should that be so astounding though?
Unfollowing celebs is relieving. You can unfollow politicians, models, dèbuc*nts, socïalites, scientists and performance artists. Not only you get to deny yourself of the mental agony that is reading their tweets, you also get to mend your following-followers ratio. That's basic tweeconomics: less people you follow the more intently popular you are at home.
I've been writing various blogs for myself and various - excellent - organisations for the best part of ten years now. There have been ups (Two national 'best blogger' awards), downs ("A turd-in-process being squeezed out of the fundament of your own prolixity" being my favourite piece of unintentionally hilarious trolling), and some side-to-sides (being called 'better than Jeffrey Archer', for example) down the years that have made it all worth while.
There is a stack of empty pizza boxes by the front door, that haven't yet made it out to the recycling bins. Mounds of clean but unfolded laundry are piled high on every available surface. Our plates are shifted from dishwasher, to dinner table, and back to dishwasher again, without ever making it into the cupboards. Welcome to the Edinburgh Fringe.