non doms

The inevitable question that will arise in the right wing press will, however, be about whether this will result in three things. The first is an exodus of wealthy non-doms. The second is a collapse in London house prices as a result. And the third is a collapse in tax revenues. Let me deal with these issues...
The plan won the support of Former Dragons' Den star Duncan Bannatyne, despite the fact he recently signed a letter to the
I had dinner with Boris Berezhovsky in 2007. He said to me, "Your socialist Gordon Brown has turned your country into Monaco
The majority of non-doms are not super wealthy globetrotters, but talented and high-flying individuals working within UK companies, or entrepreneurs building businesses and creating jobs in the UK. We can ill-afford to lose these people at the best of times, let alone in the current climate of economic upheaval and financial strain.