A-ha! His BBC television career famously came to an end when he thrust a lump of cheese in his commissioning editor's face
For some reason I was worried that Liz Truss was going to be fierce. She's actually very pleasant, but always comes across
AA Gill has had his Wikipedia page hacked after insulting classics professor Mary Beard. The new Wiki entry labels him "a
A 17-year-old Norwich City fan has angered the club by leaking pictures of its new kit 12 hours before the official launch
Britons will enjoy another day of unseasonably warm weather after temperatures reached a new record. Monday was the warmest
A killer whale has reportedly been spotted off the coast of Norfolk. The sighting has been described as “highly reliable
A shop owner has been told to remove a urinating mannequin from his window after police were called. The owner of menswear
A man who blackmailed victims he approached for sex in a public toilet was jailed for four years today. Darren Witham, 38
Almost 60 young seal pups have been injured by the stormy weather that has battered the UK this week, according to the RSPCA
A body found on the Queen's estate was that of a young adult woman and had been at the site for between one and four months