UK Weather: Britain Basks In Hottest Day Of The Year So Far, But It Probably Won't Last

The mercury hit 28.8C in Norfolk.
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The UK basked in its hottest day of the year so far on Sunday, with temperatures topping 28C.

Weybourne in north Norfolk reached 28.8C, closely followed by nearby Cromer, where the mercury rose to 28.3C.

Santon Downham in Suffolk came in at third place with highs of 28.1C.

It beat the record for the year so far set at Heathrow on Saturday, when temperatures rose to 27.6C.

The blazing sunshine did not last, however, with clouds already closing in across the south-east and rain on the way.

Met Office meteorologist Marco Petagna said: “There are much fresher conditions moving in from the west now and things will be cooler for tomorrow.

“We will see a mixture of sunshine and showers with most of the showers towards the north and west - it will be mostly dry throughout the south-east.

“The top temperatures tomorrow will be around 21C.”

Despite the toasty weather, a few people were surprised to see a light dusting of “snow” on the ground.

Willow tree seeds fell so thickly in some areas it looked like thousands of children had blown a dandelion clock at the same time.

Jane Street, of south-west London, tweeted: “Lovely cycle today on the little Brompton - the park was covered in white fluff from the trees - it looked like summer snow!”

Elsewhere, cat owners were advised to apply a little sun cream to the ears of lighter-coloured or finer furred moggies to protect them from the UV.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) also reminded dog owners to make sure their pets had plenty of water and fresh air.

Dogs, particularly flat-faced breeds such as pugs and bulldogs, are vulnerable to heatstroke.


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