The norovirus, sometimes known as the winter vomiting bug, is now the most common stomach bug in the UK. According to the
Hot on the hooves of the horsemeat scandal, Noma, widely considered to be the world's best restaurant, was discovered to have sent 67 diners home with Norovirus during the month of February. It's not quite what you'd expect from a tasting menu that costs £170 a head
I had been offered the flu jab before Christmas but turned it down on the principle of what is the immune system if you do not use it. And for this reason, the unfriendly flu bacteria came along and kneecapped me.
Around 100,000 people were struck down with the winter vomiting bug over Christmas, latest figures suggested as it emerged
The number of people affected by an outbreak of the winter vomiting bug could have passed one million, new figures show. The
A cruise liner dubbed "a plague ship" by passengers struck down with the norovirus vomiting illness has returned to Southampton
More than 750,000 people could be affected by an outbreak of norovirus in the UK, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has
More than 600,000 people are believed to have been struck down in a surge in a winter vomiting bug this winter, the Health
A vaccine that provides immunity for the ‘winter vomiting bug' norovirus could be available within five years, claim American
Researchers have discovered that closing the toilet lid before you flush could prevent the norovirus, also known as the winter