Northern Cape

Hundreds of dehydrated baby flamingo chicks have been airlifted from their drought-stricken home in the Northern Cape to a bird sanctuary in Cape Town. The drought in South Africa has led to dams drying up, endangering the habitat of the birds. Volunteers fed the starved chicks upon arrival with a mix of baby cereal, eggs and the prawns that give them their famous colour.
MeerKAT, which cost R4.4-billion, is part of a larger vision to grow radio astronomy in Africa. It will dovetail with the mammoth SKA – which will consist of around 3,000 linked radio telescopes.
'We need land to build our homes, develop sports grounds and local industrial sites to uplift the township's economy through business,' Constitutional Review Committee hears.
In both Northern Cape and Limpopo, the Constitutional Review Committee heard that people support land expropriation without compensation — and if necessary, a constitutional amendment.
A solar energy plant that keeps producing electricity after dark and creates jobs in Northern Cape? Believe it, 'cos it's true...
He is one of the few people in Windsorton in the Northern Cape who has managed to be a successful farmer.
A game breeder says his business was destroyed after the state knowingly sold him a TB-infected bull.
The pupil reportedly attacked the teacher for failing him.
Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape are about to experience extremely hot conditions.
Moves are said to be afoot to push back against the premier after her controversial move.
Banks can only provide overdraft only to a certain limit.
Parliament has heard that lawyers are conspiring with doctors to rake in claims against the state.