one born every minute

'I once looked after a couple who loved death metal and really wanted to listen to plenty of it, very loudly during the birth of their child.'
Mary explained that where she works, a typical day involves two trained midwives looking after around 50 women. What an astonishing contrast to the hospital where I work, where we try to achieve one-to-one care, so that a woman in established labour has one midwife who looks after her throughout her labour and birth.
 ‘One Born Every Minute’ is on Wednesdays at 9pm on Channel 4. “Safe to say I’ve been scarred for life,” the 16-year-old
Six children had the rare opportunity to witness the moment they entered the world on Channel 4’s latest mini series ‘I Was
5. Feeling so invested in the couple’s relationship.  10. Remembering how boring and long labour was. 2. Getting the tissues