online abuse

The Good Morning Britain presenter insists she “can’t be afraid of what people are going to say.”
Thousands of users have shared their experiences of online abuse as Twitter takes a stand against tweets about Donald Trump's hospitalisation.
The Black Lives Matter-inspired routine was met with widespread praise, but also led to some viewers complaining to Ofcom.
Rachel Swann quit Twitter after TV appearances when managing the Whaley Bridge dam collapse.
MP's supporters rally around #IStandWithDiane hashtag and urge social media company to take action to curb online abuse.
Now that we have a bank of intersectional data, it is time for action; to fix the glitch and end online abuse for good.
Women must know we are united in facing down this abuse, and attackers, abusers, racists and misogynists must know their time is up
The poll also revealed almost one in four teenagers have witnessed offensive content on group chats.
'Weak on almost every challenge... total failure to reassure'.
Some 65% of all abusive content is found in the continent.