The prescription drugs are highly addictive and only recommended for short-term use.
Opioids helped me manage my extreme chronic pain, but no one told me how addictive they were – or how hard it would be stop using them, writes Katie Bennett-Davies
The Sackler family has made billions from highly addictive painkillers.
A review of 28 trials published last week quantifies what many doctors already knew: empathic, positive communication benefits patients
A toxicology report obtained by the Associated Press sheds light on the muso's shocking death.
A few weeks ago, Crystal and I, with many other students, joined the grading to our next level of Kung Fu training. Kung Fu grading is a stressful business, and it is difficult for everybody. But for Crystal, it should have been impossible. Or at least so it seemed, last year.
The Home Office has demonstrated yet again that, when it comes to drug policy, it is more concerned with political posturing than public health.