organic beauty

South African consumers are paying closer attention to what they're putting in -- and on -- their bodies.
I asked myself this question earlier this year and decided to find out. I wanted to understand why shoppers are increasingly looking for natural or organic alternatives to the mainstream formulations that have filled bathroom cabinets for decades.
For years we’ve felt guilty for not eating organic food. But while the world is mildly concerned with what we put into our
There are many misconceptions surrounding the word 'organic'. To most it spells overly expensive food produce, but we're now seeing more and more celebrities including Julia Roberts, Gisele Budchen and closer to home Michelle Keegan turning exclusively 'organic' for their makeup and skincare.
What was your biggest challenge in setting up your business? And how did you overcome it? In the beginning I don’t think
What do Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston all have in common? Well besides the obvious, these ladies are joining the green revolution and creating their very own line of organic beauty products.