Palace of Westminster

Before you crack out the jokes ('into the sea', 'as far away as possible' etc. etc.) it's a serious question. Westminster could soon be going through a renovation programme that could last up to 40 years and cost more than £7billion. That's a long time and a lot of money.
The Palace of Westminster may have to be abandoned within 20 years unless an extensive programme of repairs and modernisation
Electoral legitimacy is the weak spot in the Palace of Westminster. Once a new system is defined, that will be the place to pile the barrels of gunpowder. The building itself should become a nice little earner for the National Trust.
Pro-democracy protesters descended on central London tonight as the Occupy movement gathered to set up camp outside Parliament
A team of experts has begun a job that requires a head for heights and the ability to keep a close eye on the clock at one
In its fight for the hearts, minds and the backing of Westerners during its assault on Gaza, Israel has turned its social
Former Speaker of the House of Commons Baroness Boothroyd today called for urgent action over the "worsening structural condition
Tony Benn's coffin arrived at the Palace of Westminster on Wednesday where the body of the late former MP is to be placed
Police have seized drugs just once in the last year on the Parliamentary estate after someone was caught in possession of
A quick-thinking MP was involved in a dramatic rescue of a woman from the Thames near the Palace of Westminster on Tuesday