patrick stewart

The whole thing is engaging enough and features some of the best thesps in movies. But for me it needs a sucker punch moment. That scene which grabs the heart strings and makes me a little misty eyed.
Or rather: someone... We presume that when the designer produced the sketches, Fifa said "Make it so". SEE ALSO: England's
Yes we know the fantasy is to see a man with the wind blowing through his marvellous mane, but let's be honest - that can
We’re more used to feuds between reality TV stars or pop divas so David Cameron’s pop at Patrick Stewart is definitely unexpected
China's lunar rover 'Jade Rabbit' ran into technical problems - and had to bid adieu to the people of Earth. Check out Jon
The life of a squash player is one that demands focus and huge amounts of dedication and it is quite difficult to really think of anything else. Being the best you can requires full throttle effort. Which is probably why many of us get to 35 and don't have a clue in hell what to do next.
A tip of the hat to James Covenant for this festive bauble - Patrick Stewart's rendition of a Christmas classic, using his
Patrick Stewart has married jazz singer Sunny Ozell in a ceremony officiated by Sir Ian McKellen. Stewart announced he had
Yet more evidence that Patrick Stewart is a total dude comes in the form of this lovely video. For in it, one of our finest
Seth MacFarlane, the mastermind behind Family Guy and American Dad ventures out from animated television into live action with his directorial debut feature film Ted.