A pensioner has died after being run down by a thief who stole his car. The death of the 76-year-old in Larkhall, Lanarkshire
An 85-year-old pensioner was trapped in his bath for five days. Michael Larkin, known to his friends as “Patsy”, fainted
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Pensioner Anthony McErlean was jailed for six years at Canterbury Crown Court today for faking his own
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Pensioners' income has fallen to an 18-month low with more retired people dipping into their savings
PRESS ASSOCIATION - Police investigating the disappearance of an 85-year-old man have found human remains in the pensioner's
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Police hunting the killer of a 77-year-old woman whose battered body was found by officers returning
A Guatemalan pensioner had a narrow escape after a giant sinkhole opened under her bed as she was sleeping. Watch the video