Beyoncé is continuing on her path to world domination by putting her signature on a £30m deal with Pepsi. However, the singer
Look, we don't really know why someone would bother making an awesome ad for Coca-Cola when they weren't actually being paid
A sports car won't make you grow a bigger penis and a spritz of Chanel will never bag you a Brad Pitt so don't buy into it. A smear of lipstick won't leave you looking like Kate Moss and all the isotonic sports drinks in the world won't give you thighs like Chris Hoy.
One Direction are fast becoming the face of everything. Earlier today we today you of how the boys were lending their teeth
TV chef Jamie Oliver has panned David Beckham and Gary Lineker for promoting Walkers crisps and Pepsi to British children
Lord Coe has admitted fans will be banned from wearing Pepsi T-shirts at the Olympic park - and could even be turned away
A recent study has revealed that more than half of leading cola soft drink brands contain small traces of alcohol. Researchers
Drink giants Coca Cola and Pepsi have altered their recipes in order to avoid having to display cancer warnings on their
Helsinki is split into two: the pro-Guggenheim league and the anti-Guggenheim one.