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Trans activists, educators and health professionals on how you can be an ally to the trans community. Five easy steps from The University of Hong Kong lecturer Brenda Alegre PHD, performer Brandy X, personal trainer Cairo Nevitt and NHS Sexual health specialist nurse Neil Baulita.
Getting fit in the real world.
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Many of us could be doing more to become stronger, and therefore healthier, in our daily lives. Here's where to begin.
Today I’m going to talk about fat and muscle Specifically, can your body convert muscle to fat, and vice versa? I’m going
The gym can be a scary place. Red-faced men grunting in one corner and personal trainers screaming at their clients in another
Being too fat is a continuum or a scale where morbid obesity is at one end, and being completely ripped lean is at the other. This is not something new, it's just a different perspective. You could have a 60kg lean body mass consisting of muscle, bone, and organs, which, is either covered by 4kg of body fat, and you'd be classed as shredded, or, be covered by 40kg of body fat and be classed as obese. Losing body fat is often peoples main goal, and as you start to get leaner you move along the continuum from obese to ripped.
What I mean by this is, if your training program is progressive, and hits most major body parts frequently enough, it will do the job. The real reason you're not seeing progress is that you just don't train hard enough. You are not stressing your muscles enough to 'need' to grow.
How can we stop this craziness and go back to squatting 200kg for reps I hear you ask... Simple sit less! ha ha, well not so stupid... but, there are also a few things that can help get you back to having a healthy spine.
I am, on the other hand, a firm believer in pretty much the opposite of everything this industry stands for - body positivity (EVERY body, positivity), living intuitively, health at every size, and reducing the stigma around weight, ESPECIALLY in the gym, as far too often I hear people (even personal trainers) joke and laugh about someone because of their size.
As you train in the gym it's very easy to get involved in all kinds of new and different exercises, which is great of course, however some times it's good to remember, or be aware of at least, some of the basic exercises that, quite often, get us the best results.